One month in

I know I’m due for an update. Or, at least, some friends have stressed to me that I am. Though, I’m sure you’ll believe me when I say I’ve been busy. Law school is, as I expected, not easy. There is a serious amount of reading to do and I’m almost never quite on top of it. Some people in the program think that those of us completing a full-time degree (four courses per semester, essentially) is impossible. Many people have dropped down to three already, some have dropped out entirely, some are only doing one course and with all their other obligations, work, family, etc., still find even one hard to do. I have the immense luxury (one which I do not take for granted) of not necessarily needing a job right away – although any work I do now helps me pay off my student loans faster in the end so I fully plan on getting a job after this semester – and so, so far, I am doing alright. Although, I cannot overstate just how much reading there is. Ha! It’s comical really. Oh and midterm assignments are coming up first week of September. And one of the assignments requires I spend at least three full days observing proceedings in court (an experience I found incredibly fascinating). Fortunately I have made some friends in my program, and now that I’m living on the south side of the Harbour Bridge, I have regained a number of commuting hours in my day so things certainly could be a lot worse.

One major item I have at least ticked off my list now is finding an apartment! It was a long and somewhat frustrating search, but what I lost in expediency I gained in quality. I moved in yesterday to a place just around the corner from the university. It’s really quite centrally located to a lot of places I wanted to be close to, and the girl I am now living with, Georgia, is so lovely. We are continually discovering new similarities with each other, and she might – might – be even more tidy and organised than I am (!!). Not only did she take me to Ikea yesterday and help me close out the store (and then build my bed), but we went for a fantastic brunch this morning, and then did some grocery shopping too. Roommate win! I’m currently drinking a really delicious cup of loose leaf tea in a double glass-walled bodum cup (she knows), sitting on the back fire exit door step of our 2nd level apartment while the sun slowly goes down behind some gum trees. Avoiding reading about the tort of negligence, I need not add.

Despite the workload, I am enjoying myself. Law is interesting and stimulating. Australia is busy and beautiful. Also, two words: palm trees. Also, every cafe begins at a level of quality that the best I know at home strive for, it would seem – plus, you don’t have to tip your servers because they already get paid well. Taxes are built in to prices. Sure, things are expensive, but at least you don’t then get to the checkout and have an additional small fortune tacked on. The transit system is complained about by locals, but I find it perfectly adequate, and half of it is by ferry. That’s like, boats, guys. When I was living up in Manly with the Pooles, I could take a boat home from school.

Speaking of the Pooles, gosh, I just cannot say enough how wonderful they are. My goodness. It was like being in a home away from home. Except this time I got a little sister! (Two, in fact, with their exchange student!). And a dog that was allowed indoors just like we always begged mom and dad for! But I don’t know just how to express to them how thankful I am. I still have a key to their house….  maybe I’ll just sneak back here and there. Put supper on in a crock pot, bake some muffins, clean up, sneak out. It’ll be like the Mrs. Doubtfire ghost! Heh heh heh…

Anyway, tea’s done, readings remain. I don’t have any more photos to add yet (just click on the instagram link at the top right of this page if you haven’t seen what I’ve posted there). Aaron has arrived safely in Indonesia, so we’re in the same hemisphere now and you can follow his adventures on his blog if you’d like! I’m pestering him to take photos as well, though he is notorious for not listening to that sort of pleading… ahem. In any case, I don’t know when the next update will be and you’ll have to forgive me if I’m absent for a while (until mid-terms are complete, perhaps?). As always, much love, and please keep me updated as well!

Cheers (mate)