Serendipitous mistakes

(Listen to this Lief Vollebekk song while you read the post by clicking here, it’ll open in a separate tab)

I missed my stop on the bus this evening in downtown Sydney and had to walk a couple blocks back to the main station to catch the next bus home. I had my headphones in because there had been some punk kids listening to rap music in the seat behind me and it was annoying (…get off my lawn!). I played Leif Vollebekk (linked above), a new-found favourite of mine. While I walked with this as my soundtrack, I was kind of overwhelmed.

I gazed up at the tall honeycomb buildings. I glimpsed snatches of soundless conversations across dining tables through ambient-lit restaurant windows. I noticed the refreshing lack of pervasive advertisements throughout the city, and how there is both water, and palm trees, all around. I met eyes with a stranger and smiled, and felt happy that neither of us had been staring at our feet or our phones. It was around 7pm. Dark but still well-lit downtown. The clouds that made it cooler during the day were now keeping the air insulated by night and it didn’t feel as cold as the previous few evenings (I think I’ve finally come to terms with the “winter” weather, which is really more like a late Niagara spring). A white cockatoo flew overhead. I watched some city workers nearly soak a guy walking by as they washed the ground of Martin Place square. I thought about the speeches from the faculty members earlier, at the Law meet and greet, and how I’m actually… in Law School – at the 12th ranked law school in the world, no less. I guess it all just finally hit me. I knew there would be a delay in my brain catching up with what was really happening, but, you just don’t know when it will all sink in. I’m in Australia now? Whew.

I realise this honeymoon stage won’t last forever, but until [next week, when] the workload starts to compress my soul, and analysing cases overtakes composing blog posts in my head, I will keep soaking it in, taking mental snapshots of the wonder around and trying to create a picture of it with words… and trying to remember just how blessed I am.


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