Escapism and fairy tales

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Day and night. The nighttime ones are full of riddles and oddities; recurrences, water, sea monsters that turn out to be friendly, storms that turn out to be good for surfing, friends, family, and strangers (or perhaps people I just don’t know yet?). The daytime ones are full of travel, change, home design, cooking, travel, moving, school, and more home design. I have so much on my mind, I find myself constantly escaping to my dreamworld. Which, unfortunately, does not help me get done some things that need doing for any of these day or night dreams to come to fruition…
There is meaning to the dreams; themes that need to be explored… but I haven’t figured it all out yet. Where is Kahlin when I need her dream encyclopedias? Alas. For now I will have to settle with a bit more uncertainty in my life. That, at least, is a theme with which I cannot currently contend.
Speaking of dreams, Amelia Earhart has popped up in my nighttime reveries once or twice. Actually, *I* was Amelia, late for my own flying race, running through various scenes, post shower (in a towel, yelling “I’m Amelia Earhart!!”), in order to make sure I arrived at the race in time to fly. This dream has inspired somewhat of a mild obsession with the heroine, who, interestingly, spent some of her early adulthood in Toronto. She also jumped around from university program to university program a couple times and took time off school before deciding on a career in aviation – a fledgling idea she had formed years earlier but not acted on.

What I find encouraging about the fascinating (albeit far too short) life of Ms. Earhart is that she became successful and renowned by a very winding and sputtering road. It took her some time and a few different career choices before she settled on the one that would one day make her famous. I sometimes feel that I am running on an invisible ticking clock. That if I don’t have a ‘real job’ and some RRSPs comfortably accumulating by the time I’m 28 or 30 or whatever I’m doomed to a life of drudgery, anonymity, and relative financial stress. But this, as evidenced by Amelia and many others before and after her, cannot possibly be inevitable, and even more certainly not when one has drive and motivation to avoid such a fate.

The problem is that I worry. I try not to, but it happens, you know? I work on it, reminding myself that even the worst case scenario usually isn’t so bad, but it’s a nagging sort of creeper, this worry. I worry that I’ve taken things into my own hands so often that God has just decided to leave me to my own devices and that Grace – so undeserved in the first place – has run out for me. Soon, I think, I will float myself up shit creek and the paddle will break. Fortunately for me (and us all), Grace doesn’t work like that. Plus, I fancy myself blessed with at least enough wherewithal to MacGyver a solution to a broken paddle, should I find myself in that predicament – and I know where to ask for help if it comes to that.

Without getting in to too much detail as to what pipedreams I’m wavering on lately, I will say that more change is on the horizon. It usually is, I suppose. Yet if there is one thing I’ve learned from five years working at a Credit Union with a large geriatric membership, embracing change is the only way to evade a crusty, cantankerous, curmudgeonly comportment. Capiche? Sorry, ha, but really. I’ve moved from William Street back home, temporarily, and am sketching out how I will be spreading my wings for the next little while. Hopefully, this blog will even turn back into the travel blog whence it began.

Because why ever not??

Hallow’s Eve. It had to be done, for obvious reasons (not least being
 that mom’s fox fur leather jacket from the 70s has hung in the closet for far too long…)

Oh, PS, I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia! Drove out there with a vagabond guy I met on the street (pictured somewheres below) at the beginning of October and had a really, really great time. The east coast has not seen the last of me. Here are some photos!

Contemplating the ocean in Peggy’s Cove, NS
Peggy’s Cove lighthouse
A pretty vista (one of many)
lovely B&B for sale (!!) in Peggy’s Cove
Hello, you
Dalhousie University (please accept me??)


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