Back to basics

I just browsed through all the photos taken on my iPhone since I got it, which was in June of 2010 (pretty good that it’s nearly two years old and still running pretty well, electronics these days don’t often hold up through three new models. And no screen cracks either! Anyway…). It’s been a heck of a two years. I suppose being a twenty-something means, inherently, constant change. That’s okay. I feel like I’m getting better and better at being alright with that, making peace with the past and looking ahead with cautious anticipation.

Life, as it is right now, today, in this moment, is pretty fantastic. As I type, I’m sitting at my parents’ place in Boynton Beach, Florida, listening to music, drinking wine, and smelling lamb chops cooking on the BBQ. I already have new freckles since my arrival very early this morning, and when I get back home after this quick week down south, I have one more class of my undergraduate career. One! Then I graduate university. Guys! Five years in the making, I will have an honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. And the question I get asked on nearly a daily basis… what will I do with that? More school, of course… I’ve been accepted to the University of New South Wales in Sydney for a Juris Doctor in Law(!!), and I’m still waiting on the Canadian schools that I applied to. Lord willing, I’ll be neck-deep in law by this time next year. Woah.

But life as it is in general, is also great. I’m loving living on my own with Kahlin, working more and being more social than living out in Vineland typically allowed for. Living downtown helps with that. I’m also loving my foray into the world of sourdough baking. My starter, let’s call her Melva, for now (though I haven’t settled on it), has already spilt over on top of the fridge a couple times, and I’ve ruined two loaves of bread forgetting to turn the oven off while heating it up slightly to rise the dough, but the successful loaves have been delicious. There’s something incredibly satisfying about hand-making something so fundamental and requisite as bread, and something tells me the mistakes will turn into wisdom. Kneading, as any bread baker will tell you, is also very therapeutic. Fortunately for my figure, I’ve signed up for Ultimate Frisbee this spring and am in a running club with a bunch of friends.

Speaking of, the community I’ve found here with a select group of friends has been soul sustaining. They’re fun, encouraging, diverse, motivating, and make me feel a lot cooler than I really am. Someone is usually just a text away from hanging out, and with this unbelievable (and unsettling) warm weather we’ve been getting, I feel like hangouts and patio times and parties and dinner-making kind of all the time right now. In all, I’m really looking forward to the next few months.

I feel like me, and I like it.

With that, some photos!

Signing the lease!
My bedroom before

Kitchen nook before

Fridge/stove area before

Sink area before

My two brothers helping me move 🙂

Tricky getting the boxframe in!!
My bedroom after!

Shelf installation by me

First morning in the apartment!

Kitchen shelf installation – also by me

First breakfast in the apartment! Thanks Kay, crèpe master.
Fridge area and pantry, after.

Kitchen nook and cutting area, after

Sink/stove area, after. Thanks, Ikea.

Living room with shelf unit separator creating an office space for us
Living room with TV installation à la Kahlin and Robyn

Living room – currently it’s even more put together, photo on the wall etc.

We relocated the cupboard unit to a more practical position. We’re so handy!

Bathroom birch tree theme

Coffee in bed, rainy day outside. Love it.
Feed starter, mix dough, dough proof, loaf proof, bake… it’s a process.

My first attempt!

Cheese and onion sourdough – this turned out SO well!

“Sometimes, happiness feels so fragile…So what do we do about it?…Live. Forget that it’s fragile. Live like it isn’t”
― Marisa de los Santos (thanks for sharing, Carianne)

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