three seasons later

I know it seems I’ve abandoned this blog. I haven’t. Every week that passed by made the task of keeping it to date exponentially more monumental and therefore, as my blasted procrastinatory tendencies dictate, I put it off still further.
No longer! Well, not today, anyhow. This day, my procrastinatory tendencies have lead me to write in the blog instead of study! Studying is so much less measurable than writing papers, and thus much easier from which to justify procrastinating.
But I digress. The lovely Ravine ’09 Rose I am currently imbibing is the perfect accompaniment to digging into the ol’ memory to fill in a somewhat large blank between last summer and now…
*editors note: I have now added all my photos to flickr from last summer until now!*
The fall saw my 4th year of university begin, and a whole new level of learning and reading. This is about the time I lost meaningful contact with everyone I know except my boyfriend and my parents. Every spare moment was spent reading, or working, and when I wasn’t reading for class I felt guilty about not reading for class. This continued all semester, and all of 2nd semester. Interspersed in between crippling bouts of guilt-ridden procrastination, I was spoiled with dinners and wine tours and trips to Toronto to hang with friends whom I can no longer call ‘new’. My dearest friend Rebekka from Switzerland also made the trek out to Vineland to spend a couple days in the region. This involved more winery tours, and some chocolate mousse à la Swiss girls! How lovely and odd (in a good way!) to have worlds collide like that, my friend Rebekka, whom I met in Hawaii, and who lives in Switzerland, came to Canada. Though I suppose it’s only fair as I visited her in Switzerland about 359 days ago today…

Autumn on Cherry Avenue

fall kitties!


Ravine in autumn

Wine bar server guy Alex with Stephanie and Rebekka

Two Swiss Miss’ in my kitchen
Christmas was spent with the family in Boynton Beach, Florida. It wasn’t hot, but it was filled with awesome meals, family time, Heather time, pleasure reading, sun, beach, happy hours, the Babcock’s, partying, lots of dancing, and of course lots of Branwyn time. I love Christmas.

Boynton Beach.


Scrabble with Heather and Grandma T (Reigning Scrabble Queen)

Quality niece time

Lots of time is spent just watching Bran. She’s so cute and hilarious!

Auntie Rahrah and Auntie Heather and Bran in her dancing boots!

Winter saw this:

Reading and essay writing.

Studying at Brock. Blech.
Plus some fun wine tours with friends. But mostly the previous, plus a little of this:
Getting stuck in Prince Edward County.
The crew at Keint-he Winery in PEC
…As well as getting stuck in my driveway, some Brandon time (including fresh bagels, fresh bread, fresh pizza, and fresh coffee… until he left for Switzerland) countless more hours reading, feeling guilty about not reading, some more amazing dinners, and my Champagne Birthday!! I had a party. It involved lots of bubbly, Krug, Veuve, sabring, cupcakes, slippery road conditions (the curse of a winter baby), and a bottle of 25 year old Bordeaux in honour of my 25 years on the planet. How special!
Thank you to Rick Vansickle for this treat! Wow!

Dinner with Alex at the Old Prune Resto in Stratford!

Ravine Deli. Love this place.
And now we come full circle to spring. Last I wrote, the leaves were drying and turning colour, the heat was slowly leaving the asphalt, the call of the Canada goose in v-formation echoed across the escarpment, heading south, and the burn in my wallet from my 4th year tuition was still smouldering. Now, the daffodils are beginning to bloom, the fiddleheads are out, patio tables everywhere are being dusted off, and I am on the cusp of exams. Hard to believe that this is where I was a year ago today:

Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Royal Palace checking out the Crown Jewels ;).
Surreality is having travelled all over Europe with seriously amazing friends and one year later feeling as though that were at once a lifetime ago and only yesterday… Surreality is also one of your best girl friends having a baby! Congrats Kait and Tim! And on the flip side… surreality is seeing your grandparents get older, including the celebration of my grandfather’s 90th, but also the sadness of my grandmother Thiessen suffering a stroke just last week. While we hope and pray she makes a swift recovery (she is stable and starting rehab tomorrow), it is heartbreaking watching this wonderful woman – as I said, reigning Scrabble queen – suddenly have trouble forming words. Time moves ever on and on…
So, what does the spring and summer hold? Well, likely a lot of working. Meridian is offering nearly fulltime hours, plus prospects of working Saturday events at a certain winery which shall remain unnamed until a job is secured (though I was told to hand in my resume ‘for appearance’s sake only’), and hopefully a lot less stress and a lot more pleasure reading.
My to-read pile gets higher by the day. This time, though, I don’t mind.

5 thoughts on “three seasons later

  1. I could comment on every photo – love the one of ya'll sitting around watching Bran being "cute and hilarious". i guess it struck me funny cause that's really what all 3 of you are doing! The vineyards are lovely and even the days of silence and studying don't look so bad… Hate that i missed seeing you in FL. Love that you brought this update full circle and i feel like i have a peek into your life again!much love..

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