i’m late, i’m late… for something.

where does time go? when there’s something you want to do, however small, and day after day it just doesn’t get done? be it procrastination (or laziness), or busy-ness (the other evil)… suddenly it’s days later, weeks later, months later, too late. thing is, you can’t do everything. sometimes you have to pick and choose. but sometimes, sometimes you just need to get up off your butt and do it. and sometimes you just really should have done something that you didn’t, no matter the excuse. because there almost always was the time available, at some point in time…

why do i always realize this when it becomes nearly too late?
6 days…

3 thoughts on “i’m late, i’m late… for something.

  1. Is there something specific yo u wanted to do… or is it just the end of a fantastic experience and as much as you want to be home leaving is just as hard. xoxo

  2. mostly the latter, but there were a few trips we'd planned to do ages ago, like going to this huge gorge that is the largest in europe, and some other small stuff that we just never ended up doing. kinda sad, but i hope to be back one day…

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