10 days left…

i am going to miss these people so, so very much!!!

the girls…
the boys…
i have 10 days left to enjoy this gorgeous little provençal town. open this link in a new tab (mom: that means hold down the ⌘ key while clicking on the highlighted link) for a little blog-reading soundtrack that fits in with my life here pretty perfectly (as my friends and i have joked about all year. particularly you, claire). i’m sad, and excited, and so many things all at once to be leaving. i just can’t believe it’s almost over, this year i’d been waiting for and preparing for and dreaming about for so, so long… even though i am looking forward to a lot of things about being home, i am probably going to cry like a baby when i get on the tgv train for the last time, at 6am the morning of june 23rd… it’s nearly the end, now. and what a ride it’s been!
(p.s. thanks claire for the pics)

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