how do people not notice when their b.o. is so bad it actually smells sour?! there is something coming from the man across the aisle in this plane i’m on from rome to marseille that smells just rank. thank the Lord i decided to spray a new parfume on me at the duty-free shop so if i hold my arm in front of my face i am at least marginally relieved. a 50 min delay for take off, however, is not helping matters. is france a curse? is it ever, just once in the history of its existence, EVER easy!? i have days, i go back and forth, thinking ‘yes, i could come back and live here. i know what to expect, i speak far better french now, and gosh its just so incredibly beautiful sometimes.’ and then, something else happens – a delay, a frustration, a flat out inability to do this or that, and i think there is no way in hell i could convince myself to do this again. something tells me i might, though… maybe by then things will have changed? ha!

(i’m probably just crazy. or masochistic?)

for the record, this blog post has been recorded all over an envelope i happened to be carrying in my bag. i’ve discovered that even though i feel like i come up with some real gems of thoughts to put on my blog later (sarcasm), i still manage to forget. so i decided i would put these passing whims down while i wait for this tiny, smelly, propeller air corsica plane to take off…

aha! what felicity! we are now ready to take off! perhaps the corsican mafia had a hand to play? regardless, taking off means the air flow/exhaust in here is running. initiate dissipation of pungent odour from large man across the aisle (would it be rude to ask the flight attendant to have him put his arm down? although, that’s a little unfair. i only assume it’s coming from him because he’s sweating through his suit. it could very well be the old woman in front of me…).

incidentally, i have a window seat below the wing, not above. yes, this plane is that small. good thing i’m not afraid of flying? i’ll let you know if i make it. hang on – i suppose that is implied in the appearance of this post? clever.

k, g’night.

greek island pics are all up on flickr, working on the athens ones for tomorrow. stay tuned!


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