sun, heaven, tzatziki and feta

breakfast in heaven

i’m on a bus again. i feel like i’m always on a bus, on a train, on a boat, on a plane, in a car… always in transit. moving, travelling, pausing for a few days, moving again. except this time, with just about 20 days remaining for me here in europe, i know it’s one of the last times i’ll be doing this. i just got off the ferry from skiathos, got on this bus in agios-konstantinous, and am onward to athens. a day early too.

i guess a little more research would have been a good idea before we embarked on this trip to the greek isles. mostly to figure out how much time we needed to get to and from the island in order to book the right flights. turns out, though we booked the cottage until the 2nd of june, we all have flights on the 2nd of june, and there aren’t any ferries running that day. so we had to leave a day early. which is sad (and an extra expense), but we’re still in greece, and this way i actually get to see a little bit of athens! though, claire and i still don’t know where we’re staying yet… guess we’ll figure that out when we get there? there was no internet at our cottage way up the mountain in skiathos, so everything had to wait. which was fine, since, well, you’ll see the pictures and understand.

backtrack to saturday morning where i left off the last post. we got on the hydrofoil, aka, ‘flying cat’, aka ‘flying dolphin’, aka ‘airplane for the ocean’, aka ‘really fast really loud version of a ferry’, to skiathos, and were picked up by the lovely proprietors of our skiathos island cottages ‘resort’. after a few “wow”s, and some sighs of relief, we were dropped off at a grocery store, and then continued on to the cottage. their place is gorgeous. they have three two-unit cottages built on the side of this steep hill about five minutes inland from town, and an infinity (horizon?) pool that over-looks the olive groves, and beyond that the aegean sea. our cottage was at the very top, and i’m not kidding the driveway is at least a 45 degree angle. they have to put their jeep into 4-wheel drive to get up it, and it is rough, graded concrete. seriously impressive. imagine if they got snow!!

i’ll let the pictures suffice for a better description of the place. as far as what we did? not a whole lot, really. we had groceries, so we hung around the cottage and pool a bunch, went to a couple really great beaches, tried to get our tan on, barbequed up some amazing pork and lamb, ate tzatziki and greek salad every day (*drool* fetaaaaa), ate a bunch of seafood, wandered around, partook in happy hour, enjoyed our morning [barf instant] coffee on the porch overlooking the same olive grove and aegean sea view, got lost trying to find this ‘hidden’ beach in the middle of the mid-day heat with all our stuff in the greek back country, saw a lot of naked people (banana beach is perhaps aptly named, being surrounded by nude beaches?), watched the goats with their bells around their necks munching their way up the grove beside our cottage, listened to the chickens, and tried to keep the mosquitoes at bay. it was an amazing vacation, even if cut a little short. and i got to spend it with some of my favourite people, who i won’t get to do this with again for potentially a very long time…

so before my battery runs out i’ll leave this here, and provided we find a place to stay with internet, will post it tonight with photos. tomorrow i’m onward home, flying athens to rome to marseille.


naz and cait and seafood


sunrise at the port in agios-konstantinous

greek byzantine coffee. interesting.

arrival at skiathos harbour!


our cottage!

living room


epic hike down to pool area

pool area. amazing.

infinity and beyond? olive groves, skiathos, aegean sea

no big deal.

what’s dinner in greece without bbq lamb and greek salad?

getting lost finding the beach… so…close…


just hanging out at the beach bar

night in skiathos


awww ❤

awwww ❤


One thought on “sun, heaven, tzatziki and feta

  1. A few points. If that is a cottage what does a house look like…phew!Gorgeous! Did you actually eat the octopus? Yukk! I love sea food so that sounded really good. And I agree Yeah Fetaaa!

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