i’ve finally gone back to my last couple travel posts and added photos to them. not that i expect you to read those monsters over again, but the photos make the posts so much better and you can see where i was when i talked about the places… anyway just an FYI!

more than that, though, i entirely forgot to blog about my trip to lyon for the mumford and sons concert! this was a fabulous overnight trip taken just after we all arrived back from travelling. the concert was on friday night (the 23rd of april), so claire, cait and i took the train up to lyon in the mid-morning and josh, stu, and two of stu’s friends (jude and rebecca) met us there from paris. we had a hostel booked way up on the hill, so after a bit of wandering we checked in there, then headed back in to town to grab dinner (kebabs) and get to the concert.

the concert was just fabulous. johnny flynn opened for mumford, and we all liked his band so much we bought cds. mumford was incredible, one of the best concerts i’ve been to. the talent… and the harmonies! anyway, it was a great night.

the next day we basically kept wandering around lyon. we ate pastries, got coffee, and had a late and long lyonaise lunch (gastronomic capital of france, so some say) – which was incredible. then we laid in a park for awhile in the sun, josh and i ran around in a fountain, and we eventually made our way back to the train station to be back in aix for the late evening. all in all a really fun two days! photos:

view of lyon from the hostel
a really big cathedral in lyon (don’t know the name)
josh in the fountain
me in the fountain
josh, me and stu at lunch
claire, cait and jude at lunch
my amazing lunch
i like this pic of me, thanks josh!
josh, cait and stu on the rhone river

okay, back to studying for me!


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