travel update

me, standing along the historical path of the berlin wall. amazing.

i’m exhausted. i’ve tried to write an update a bunch of times now, but by the end of each night i don’t have it in me. i suppose this is a good sign? means i’ve been having a good and busy time travelling. which is true! my two friends are early risers and rarely let me sleep in 😛 … and i’m still on a late-night sleep schedule. SO. if the bags under my eyes are any indication, i’m tired. i’ve been posting photos pretty regularly though, so you can check those out, and i will record the trip in word-form shortly. for now? going to find some bratwurst and sauerkraut.



One thought on “travel update

  1. Sooo sad that your exhaustion is caused by travel and fun.LOL I'm sure it is all worth it. I'm jealous!!I'm glad your friends make you get up early. The best time of day is morning….says the aunt who can't sleep in if her life depended on it. Love you Aunt Bev xoxo

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