three things.

1. i leave for italy in the morning!! also, whilst cleaning off my camera’s memory card to make room for the many, many pictures i’ll be taking, i found a few straggler pics from paris and new years! just a few, but they’re up on flickr.

2. my bike has officially been named. voilà, pepé, the vélo! (not to be confused with pepé, the king prawn! or pepé le pew, for that matter). he has been good to me already, going in to town takes half the time it used to, and is even more enjoyable! claire and i have been cruising around lots already (her bike’s name is beau), and my road-bike-manoeuvring skills are improving. if only i could bring pepé home with me…

3. i have a published photo! well it’s not that exciting really, but there’s an online map/city guide publication, “schmaps” that found my photo of la ciotat on my flickr site and asked if they could use it on the guide. i agreed, and here’s the link:
cool eh?

until next time, in the land of pizza and pasta,


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