well i’m a little late to jump on the doppelganger week bandwagon, and i’m not changing my facebook picture or anything like that, but i gave in when i got a little bored this evening and decided to see what had to say about my celebrity resemblances. fortunately, i got to choose which ones to include so as to omit the more…embarrassing matches… wouldn’t want to encourage anyone. but i have to admit, i get told more often by people in general that i look like the ms. hathaway of the final photo, and myheritage didn’t even pick her out. i’ll let you decide.


3 thoughts on “doppelganger…

  1. sorry rob, i don't actually recognize any of the people who you apparently look like. i like the way you look the best, i also think that you are the prettiest of everyone, so stop trying to find something to do when you are bored. we just skyped with brier and shawn and branwyn and had a terrible connection, so it's not just you. miss you. hope your week was good, we've had a great time with judy and jerry . they are leaving first thing tomorrow morning. we leave sat. at 5:30p.m. not really looking forward to the cold but nothing we can do about it. love you miss you mom

  2. aw mom you're just saying that because you're my mom. anyway, c'mon, it's doppelganger week, everyone's doing it!miss you too… hopefully chat soon.

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