new craze

my friend mike asked me today on facebook:

so what’s the new craze in that baquette eating, fag smoking, rude @!* country you’ve been hiding out in?

my response:

seems to me they’re finding new and innovative ways to make me realize how crappy my situation is. my friend benj moved out of residence to an apartment in town today, and suddenly i hate living here because his apartment, though nothing incredibly special, is just so much better than where i live. also, i got a letter from immigration informing me of a medical exam i necessarily have to go to in marseille for my residency permit, plus a 55€ tax ticket i have to pay and bring with me to the consular office. also, new low today: the class room for my french civilization course changed for today… there was a tiny notice pinned on the int’l student board. the room is apparently on the other side of town. i wouldn’t know, as after asking where it was at reception, i still couldn’t find it and ended up getting lost and missing class entirely.

so, pardon the sarcasm and seeming dissatisfaction. it’s just been a rough couple weeks. in general things are fine, and i’ve got some really fun tentative trips planned with friends for the coming weeks which i’m really looking forward to. plus, spring is on the way!

i’ll post more soon, worry not.


2 thoughts on “new craze

  1. Hang in kiddo. It can only get better… right! We may wish you were home, but I guarantee you don't. Minus 16 and that's without wind chill. Brrrr!!! I hate winter. Not my favorite season. Love you.

  2. hey you, my long lost friend! i will re-email you, thinking my previous email got lost in space (space?). i'm working mad overtime this week, so probably not until the weekend. but i love love love you, and will write soon!!

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