mais oui, paris!

allow me to recount my last 24-ish hours.


  • 10am – head into town with josh. we are both coffee deprived and have to stop at la poste before we will allow ourselves a l’unic breakfast and petit crème.
  • 12pm – finally get out of la poste, without having done what we came for. for the record, all *i* had to do was drop stuff off……..ahem… (love you josh!).
  • 1pm – coffee, petit déja – check. time to head to the other side of town, the other la poste, and a few stores.
  • 1:45pm – get out of la poste (ahem…) just as the power goes out in the entire town (have i mentioned that it’s cold, rainy, grayer than gray, and depressing outside? or that my feet are wet through my boots and socks?).
  • 2pm – realize some stores are open, purchase a few things for other people.
  • 2:30pm – deliver card with family picture and chocolate covered pralines to our favourite boys at l’unic. it was really great 🙂
  • 4pm – finally finished shopping (well, ready to give up would be a better description), and neither josh nor i are in very good moods. i should know better than to shop at christmas. anyways, we head home.
  • 8pm – i finally decide to do my laundry and start packing, and eat something, and get away from the heater (it’s a hard task…).


  • 12am – laundry done, packing half done. josh comes up to make french toast. we’re trying to use up the last of everything perishable in our rooms as it will be nearly 3 weeks before we’re back.
  • 1:30am – french toast done, dishes done, packing continues.
  • 2:30am – realize how little time i actually have before i have to leave (5:30am).
  • 3:30am – shower.
  • 4:30am – clean room, finish packing. entertain my OCD-ness and straighten/tidy unnecessarily.
  • 4:45am – josh arrives to say goodbye, he leaves for the airport onward to london
  • 5:30am – i’m out the door! i have overpacked, yet again, i’m carrying a heavy pack, a heavy sling bag (with my laptop), my camera bag, and a rolling suitcase. fortunately it’s 15°C and not raining, but i still want to kill myself instead of walking all the way to the sncf station. however, i manage to overcome the urge and…
  • 6am – arrive at train station…. make it on train…. receive phone call from josh who, unfortunately, didn’t make it on his flight. 😦 don’t worry it gets solved but he doesn’t leave until this evening now.
  • 7am – arrive in marseille: get. coffee. and. pain au chocolat.
  • 7:30am – train de grand vitesse leaves! i have to switch seats three times before i figure out how cars and seats are marked (it’s my first time folks)… spend the entire trip dozing in and out with my ipod on shuffle. at one point i wake up and suddenly the landscape is completely white. SNOW!! incidentally i think amy grant was playing… (well, it was either her or alanis…).
  • 10:45am – arrive gare de lyon, paris. have déja vu of looking like a walking piece of luggage struggling to survive…
  • 11:15am – nice stranger helps me get through the metro gate after i, in typical newbie-to-paris-incompetent-tourist-fashion have somehow managed to screw up metro tickets and it’s gone. fortunately, once you’re in you’re in until you leave the underground world (did someone say ‘the silver chair’??). i mean, you could ride around on the metro all day if you wanted! what fun! who needs the eiffel tower when you have unlimited metro rides??
  • 11:25am – i have, quite proudly, made it successfully on the 2nd line of the metro and know exactly where to get off. however, at my stop, the door doesn’t automatically open. poor country-girl me misses my stop (thank-you second kind stranger for opening it for me at the next stop….who knew!? kind strangers in france?! i kid, i kid!), and i arrive above-ground at the corner of père lachaise cemetery (it’s famous!).
  • 11:45am – thank-you dad for imparting a rather good sense of direction in me. i have arrived in front of stuart’s apartment building with no troubles. except how to get innnn………..
  • 11:47am – ah, right, the CODE (thanks josh). no wonder i couldn’t find a key hole.
  • 11:48am – oh wow. that’s a lot of stairs.
  • next day…. just kidding! ten minutes later, exhausted and sweaty, myself and my luggage are now standing in front of the apartment door on the sixième étage (6th floor folks, which here in french land means the 7th floor as ground floor is ‘0’). next challenge: opening it. takes a few tries but i finally manage.
  • 12pm – arrival at stu’s wonderful little apartment, which is clean and tidy for us. he’s left me a lovely note, his internet codes, his phone line number here, and permission to drink the milk in the fridge…it’s just amazing!

and that brings us to now. next on the list is sleeping, or getting groceries or something. and taking photos!

ahhhhh paris

(p.s. new rule: whenever you read the word ‘paris’ in my blog, you must pronounce it in your head like ‘pair-eeeee’ with your best french accent. d’accord? bon!)

(p.p.s. i went to the hairdresser and asked for a trim… and this is what she did!)

à bientôt mes amis!


3 thoughts on “mais oui, paris!

  1. the adventure never ends and you handle it all with such aplomb. Not bad for a little country girl from Vineland. Have a wonderful time.A blessed, healthy and merry Christmas. Pics please. Love you and will miss you at the family dues. xoxoxo

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