je suis ennuyeuse.

translation: i am boring.

well, i tend to think so, anyhow. it’s a wonder i have any friends at all!

seriously though, i have nothing to blog about whatsoever, otherwise i would. i have literally been doing nothing but studying, procrastinating, cooking, and sleeping in the past week+. my first exam is on wednesday, then i have four in three days next week. i finish sometime on the afternoon of the 17th and maybe THEN i will have something to blog about. until then, my sincere apologies.

just let me know, though, if you really WOULD like to hear about french public institutions, international law, international organizations, anthropology, politics in media and society, or comparative law.


i thought not.

okay, until i feel inspired, joyeux décembre!


6 thoughts on “je suis ennuyeuse.

  1. don't be so hard on yourself, you're a very interesting person, just not around exam time. do you know anyone that's any fun whilst studying? i thought not. anyway, you're still cute and that's all that counts. love you,love you,love you sworses??

  2. i bet you're quite delightful right now! i'll come visit and then we'll study beside eachother while eating gorgeous french cheeses and baguettes. bien sur!

  3. you are boring. but i would like to hear about international law, international organizations, and politics in media and society. more posts about these items would be desirable. merci. erik

  4. TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS….It isn't that it is particularly interesting…but more the fact that I HAVE THE EXAM TOOOOOO. yeeeee. (insert josh awkward movements here) (insert roby laugh here) Really???!!!! aaaaaannnnnnd the fun trains begins. Yes I SHOULD be sleeping.

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