memento and leftovers

as promised, and in a timely fashion, i am now updating on my thanksgiving dinner yesterday and i even have photos. ahem. because what kind of a person, or friend, or sister, or whatever, would i be if i didn’t put up regular postings or didn’t at least post photos so that you can all keep up with how i’m doing etc.? because unlike SOME people that i know, i understand the importance of being kept up to date and of pacifying my avid, avid readership. (coughBRIERcough)

let’s work backwards. memento-style.

i am currently eating a delicious concoction of leftovers. i put garlicky cheesy mashed potatoes in a pan with a bit of oil, cut up chunks of turkey meat, and fried this all together. i added a bit of pickle juice (don’t judge until you try it) and parmesan for a completely healthy and well balanced meal. it’s prettttttty good, i must say. also, i make mean mashed potatoes.

yesterday night i walked home from katrina’s apartment in the hopes of walking off some of the calories we had all just consumed. the lights are on in aix, and it’s starting to feel pretty festive – even if the weather is still quite pleasant and there are palm trees. the craft/artisan/food/junk/winter fair festival that is going on on the cours mirabeau from now until january 6th means that centre-ville is absolutely jam packed with people (and buskers) on a pretty regular basis. it almost makes me not want to go down there, except i keep getting sucked in by crèpe makers and candy floss… but i digress. if it is a little tacky, this is excused by the sheer monumental task it must have been to put up all the lights and decorations. observe:

yesterday evening claire, caitlin, josh and i took the bus with pots and pans full of goodness to claire’s friend katrina’s place for a celebration of american thanksgiving. there were 11 of us present, and only cait josh and i were non-americans. no matter. katrina had done up two giant turkeys, i had a ginormous pot of mashed potatoes, claire had sweet potatoes and stuffing, cait had an apple pie, a few of the american girls brought garlicky green beans and a chocolate pie, and the only guy present other than josh had brought a pasta salad. there was bread, gravy, wine, beer, and cider in addition to the mounds of food. in typical thanksgiving fashion, there was way too much food, and we ate feng shui style (university students rarely have enough chairs for themselves let alone 10 guests) on cushions on the floor until we undid our belt buckles and migrated to laying-down positions while we waited for digestion to ease our discomfort. we visited and laughed and initiated the aussies into a real american thanksgiving dinner until it was either time to sleep over or time to walk home. walk home it is.

yesterday afternoon the aforementioned four of us invaded our kitchen to prepare our thanksgiving food. who knew that you could bake an apple pie in a microwave oven? or that you could make two giant pots worth of boiled potatoes into one overflowing pot of deliciousness, while simultaneously frying up the garlic, butter and shallots for the potatoes, while simultaneously boiling two medium-sized pots of sweet potatoes and then baking them into deliciousness in aforementioned microwave oven, while also making said apple pie, while also making stuffing in said microwave oven, while the rest of the residence floor is also trying to make their lunches in the same kitchen? all at once?!? it was a gong show. and hilarious. and we escaped without anyone losing an eye or an arm, and the kitchen was left clean save for clogged sinks (again. shoddy plumbing along with shoddy everything else makes this nearly unavoidable. and i think i’ve unclogged that sink with a plunger more than the cleaning lady or any french plumber has. ugh. robyn: 4. france: 0). the next task was to transport our food – and my extremely heavy pot of potatoes – to katrina’s apartment across town. we were only a little late…

yesterday morning caitlin and i got up and walked into town to pick up our food supplies. i managed to get two sacks of potatoes for .50€ each! for some reason i also chose that trip to purchase more heavy things, like laundry detergent and milk, and suffered with the weight until we got to the bus stop. we also discovered that, apparently, disposable pie tins don’t exist in france. 12:30pm we return home and we have approximately an hour and a half to make: mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and apple pie. annnd go!

well that brings me back to the present and back to the other monumental task of studying. think i’ve sufficiently procrastinated for one afternoon…


5 thoughts on “memento and leftovers

  1. hey, guess what! I read ALL your blogs today over breakfast. Now that I'm caught up I'll be expecting further updates in a timely fashion. Pressure's on, girl. I love your pictures of the lights in aix but please please please, tell me where I can see them in a bigger view. I don't think those thumbnails do them justice.I also need to know how france crepes compare to our crepes. I believe I have perfected a recipe so maybe I can send it to you and you can do a little taste test and attempt to give a *totally* objective comparison (pfft)adding blog to bookmark toolbar. much ❤

  2. this meal sounds super fantastic. i'm VERY impressed with your improvising skills!!! on another note,i saw a play the other day, and you weren't there.this does not please me.

  3. kahlin – if you click on the photos, they should open up in a new tab in full size! also, i will try to put them up on flickr and aunt bev – the towel is now a permanent feature on my shoulder when i'm in the kitchen… :)laur – we'll go see a play together when i get back!

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