beaujolais soirée

last week, on the 19th of november, the new vintage of wine was celebrated. beaujolais, which is both the name of a wine growing region in france, and also the stigma-ridden name of the first-to-be-ready wine of the year (‘disgusting, half-fermented grape juice,’ as a certain wine savvy boyfriend called it), was advertised in every café, brasserie, cave du vin, and restaurant in aix. the oenology club (of which i am a member) at my institute d’études politiques even had a soirée that evening complete with bottles of the stuff (drank out of plastic cups), a live band, and a dj set up in the courtyard that i typically walk through to get to classes. it was actually really fun, even if the wine was pretty awful. but that’s the fun of it! no need to be snobby about beaujolais, it’s just an excuse to celebrate. here are a few pics of us from the evening.

yesterday was american thanksgiving, and claire and a friend of hers from home who is also in aix have organized a thanksgiving dinner which is to take place tomorrow afternoon. i think there will be about 11 of us attending. i’m in charge of mashed potatoes. should be pretty great. i’ll be sure to take some photos and put them up. OH and the lights are on in aix! which also means some photographing.

i have just over a week before my first exam at the moment… my first one is on the 8th, and the rest are the following week. they are all oral exams of about 10 minutes in length. hmmmm….. my holidays begin on the 18th and i couldn’t be more excited! but for now it’s back to studying.



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