rata-tat-tat la ciotat


i’m feeling very accomplished today because not only did i NOT stay in aix all weekend, but i also completed TWO assignments (note: my first assignments ever, since starting school here…) this weekend. actually, i completed them both last night/this morning. they were due this afternoon. and hey, i was only 30min late for class!

since i’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about my boring french assignments, i will instead tell you about my boring day today that passed in much the same fashion as every other day. kidding! i’ll tell you about my weekend. whether you want to hear about it or not! muahahaha.

actually, it allllll started way back last week. thursday night to be precise. i decided that it was time to open up the last bottle of ravine wine that i had brought back with me courtesy of the lovely retail manager of ravine vineyard estate winery. however! it was a pretty special bottle, and i wanted to do a pairing instead of just having it with dinner, comme d’habitude. i made a visit to la fromagerie, la boulangerie, et la charcuterie (well, not really. but let’s say monoprix’s meat section is like the charcuterie…(it’s not)), and proceeded to set up a little apéritif table in my minuscule room. there were three types of cow’s cheese (a blue one, a hard aged one, and a soft creamy one), prosciutto, duck rillette, fresh bread with olive oil and salt, and quince jelly.

it was delicious, and the wine was thoroughly enjoyed by all. however, my fridge proceeded to smell pervasively of one of the exceptionally potent cheeses until i managed to pawn the rest of it off on claire (days later… and in the meanwhile, i was literally scared to open my fridge door as the miasma permeated my entire room at turbo speed…).

saturday came early. claire, caitlin, josh and i woke up before dawn to catch the 7:50am bus to “la ciotat,” which is a very small town on the coast, east of marseille. josh even got up extra early to pick up fresh baquettes and croissants for us girls! we quickly realized, as the bus left the station, that there is actually a stop for that particular bus just steps down the road from our residence and we COULD have woken up a whole hour later than we did. yeah. you can imagine my reaction. regardless, i like bus rides, and i like mornings even if i like sleep more.

after arriving to what seemed like imminent rain, the weather actually got progressively nicer (though the wind picked up), and we spent the day wandering around this small, très french town taking photos and making ruckuses in the streets (not really though…). we stopped for lunch at a small restaurant where we ordered plates of aïoli and giant bowls of mussels and gorged ourselves on the fresh seafood.

we visited “eden cinema,” the oldest cinema in the world (according to the french… take that with a grain of salt… kidding!), saw its creepy interior, which was under renovation, and walked into the entrance of the musée of la ciotat, before leaving after seeing a 3€90 entrance fee and figuring it probably wasn’t worth it (don’t hate me laura…). we walked along the beach, had a photoshoot on a rock outcropping, and contemplated hopping the (heavily surveyed) stone wall of a giant seaside mansion to get a peek inside (we didn’t).

the bus ride home was uneventful, but before i fell asleep, we did pass through a vineyard region in the beautiful town of cassis which i vowed to return to soon.

it is now the beginning of my second-to-last week of classes, after which i have a week off for studying, and then a week of exams (bizarre right?!?!). oish… wish me bonne chance! or better yet, keep praying…

miss you all!


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