bacon and shout-outs

yesterday i found bacon.

why i never noticed it before, and why everyone agreed with me when i expressed my concern over the lack of bacon in this country, i do not know. the fact remains, however, that whilst walking down the aisles of monoprix (pronounced “mono-pricks” by those of us who grow ever-discontented with the crowded, unfriendly marché), i discovered first uncooked bacon bits, and then real, true, bacon slices. the scene was probably pretty comical to all the innocent bystanders, as this new realization sunk in for claire, caitlin and me. granted it’s no maple-leaf maple smoked bacon, and there were only the options of “fumé” or “moins salé” (less salt), but suffice it to say that it’s going to be a bacon-filled weekend (bacon every day…brier you’re jealous). yesterday, i put bacon bits in my (alreadyextremelyfattening) alfredo sauce (it was delicious, by the way – thanks mom), tonight we may use the rest in a salad. and tomorrow? bacon, real canadian maple syrup (thanks alex), and french toast. which – for your information (erik), is not just called “toast” in france, but rather “pain perdu,” (the lost bread), because historically they would use the ‘lost’ and day-old bread from the bakery to make this delicious and eggy breakfast item, to mask the fact that it was stale. clever, non?

tomorrow is also potensh (sho-fo for potentially? leah?) the day we (being claire, caitlin and i) hike mount st. victoire, the famous cézanne landmark that overlooks provence and provides a very picturesque landscape for me every morning on my walk into town.

anyways, just had to share the news with you. the question is – does your opinion of me go up, or down, at how excited i was to find bacon….? ….


2 thoughts on “bacon and shout-outs

  1. done crispy and i will join you in your excitement. bacon and french toast. Yumm.Hey anytime something we love but can't find is at last located is reason to be excited. my opinion goes up…just because you are willing to admit HOW excited you are, My reaction will be the same if I can ever locate marshmallow fluff for my fluffer-nutter sandwich I am craving.

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