sarcasm and complaints

– people, please. wait, sorry, s’il vous plait. i know that “les bisous” – the kiss kiss on each cheek – is the french greeting. but when the ridiculously tiny university hallway is thoroughly crowded and there’s but a one-person-wide stream of people moving through to get to their classes, do not stop to say “salut” to your friend, lest you incur the wrath of robyn pre-café (and already agitated at how long it is taking to get to class. and how claustrophobic it is. and likely already late).

– on a related point, yesterday when walking from the bus stop to my room i passed by three french friends, said, “salut! ça va?” and did the kiss kiss with all of them. i felt très french.

– i have been given short legs as part of my lot in life, and as such, my entire life, i have had to compensate for this by walking fast to keep up with people with normal-to-long legs. because of this, slow walkers have an incredible and inherent talent of getting on my nerves without even knowing it.

– on another related point, brandon once said to me whilst walking in downtown vancouver with me, “if i was your boyfriend i’d dump you.” after i got over the shock of what he’d just said, he explained that i never wanted to walk beside him and was always a number of steps ahead. pfff. bad logic bran.

– a direct quote from one of my french profs: “ce qui est vrai d’ailleurs, n’est pas vrai en france!” translation: “what is true elsewhere is not true in france.” how right you are, monsieur, how right you are….

– as my french seems to stagnate (although i’m told that i’m wrong and it IS, in fact, getting better…), my english seems to deteriorate. also, my notes are filled with half-sentences in french (since i start writing a point and in the midst of also trying to pay attention to what is being said next, i forget what i was writing), and random sentences in english, when i get too frustrated to try and write in french. ALSO, i don’t have the neatest chicken scratch, and sometimes i can’t even read what i was trying to say (‘is that supposed to be french or english?? and regardless, what on earth kind of word is that??’) ugh!! to illustrate, here is an excerpt of a page from my notes:




la volunté des états

pour lui… (?)

la volunté collective qui sert la support disparaître (?)

droit international fragmentaire

relativisme des règles

if the common will disappears, the obligation to follow the law also disappears

man is a social being

societies need norms, rules, ; violation of norms leads to disorder which necessitates a reaction, thus rules are necessary to maintain order

inefficacité des sanctions

sigh. good thing i have a recorder? guess i’d need to actually listen to the recordings for it to be helpful…wedding/surprise trip home update coming soon. photos have all been added to flickr!

disclaimer: i can’t figure out this darned formatting. sorry for the disarray.


3 thoughts on “sarcasm and complaints

  1. Ah, the curse of the short legs. You're either slow and unmotivated if you walk with your natural gait, or unorganized and hyperactive if you try to keep up with everyone else!Regardless, good to see you're having fun in France, I'll pop by sometime next january, but keep updating this thing so I know what I'm getting myself into!

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