another week gone by

well, i went back to marseille today. let me tell you, it was 100x easier this time around than the first time. for one thing, i knew where the bus station was, and walked there instead of taking another bus with a ‘forgetful’ busdriver. also knew that you can hop on nearly any bus and it will be leaving for marseille within about 5 minutes. also knew that when you get off in marseille, it doesn’t drop you off at the bus station, it drops you off randomly in front of an arc-de-triomphe-like arc-de-triomphe in downtown marseille (not the original parisian one, but looks about the same. or, probably does, as i’ve never seen the one in paris. yet).

anyways, beautiful day in the south of france, accompanied by some good girlfriends (and sebby, poor sebby with all the girls), and a shopping district. marseille=not nearly as expensive and pretentious as aix-en-provence. robyn’s credit card=bad idea. euro/cad exchange rate=depressing. regardless, a good day and just a few new purchases.

i am being europeanized. i have gladiator sandals, tights, long, loose shirts, and require an espresso at least once-a-day. also, in the change room today, (‘cabines,’ in french – which are frequently the type with curtains rather than doors), the curtain was definitely not sufficient to cover the span of the doorway. i gave up trying to make it work and settled for probably flashing a couple people. haven’t quite gotten to the point of not caring about whether my bra is blatantly showing through my shirt or due to a lack of shirt material, but hey, who knows. anything is possible!

kidding guys!

arriving home was just as effortless as getting down there, and caitlin and i walked to the corner store to get dinner supplies and wine (of course!). we decided on breakfast for dinner. YAY! my favourite! except i’m pretty sure bacon doesn’t exist in france (which, by the way, means i won’t be staying here forever despite the fact that they do have sparkling water in the vending machines). we settled for prosciutto (not a bad tradeoff), and got the rest of the required items. the common kitchen, however, is unfortunately not equipped with a toaster. catherine has concocted a device made out of a clothes-hanger which sits on the stove element and allows you to place one or two slices of bread on it which actually, and surprisingly, toast quite nicely. dinner was therefore delicious, and made me feel even a little bit more settled in.

a few of us have booked tickets to see the play “music hall” in marseille next saturday night, starring none other than fanny ardant! should be stellar. 13 euro! amazing.

now i’m off to share some goodies from the patisserie with the girls. millefeuille, pavé du roy(? it’s chocolate and almond. therefore it does not matter what it’s called), and tarte au citron.

OH i almost forgot. there’s a rumour going around here that they may close my university for two or possibly three weeks due to the manifestation of two cases of swine flu. yes, folks, you heard me. the worst part is that i heard another rumour that fish flu is hot on swine’s heels, and the pharmaceutical companies are rapidly trying to make sure there is enough vaccination available for this next bout of global pandemonium. always so altruistic and thinking only of the well-being of the world’s citizens (and foreign exchange students). i’ve already stopped eating fish, despite the fact that i haven’t even tried real provençal bouillabaisse yet… sigh. if this messes up my christmas holidays i’m going to probably take out my frustration in ways i’ll likely regret later. but i won’t worry about that before anything even happens….

alright, off to eat some sugary treats! ciao!


6 thoughts on “another week gone by

  1. Holy…um…schmoly, rob. HOW many days have you been in France??? and HOW many wines have you tried??Way to go. I, on the other hand, settle for Shawn's homemade kit wine (shhhh, don't tell Alex…). That, I'm afraid, is the difference between you and me.The only one.

  2. the ONLY one.and anyways, i get a bottle just about every day and share it with my little family. it works out to about a glass each at dinner so don't go calling me a lush just yet or you're going to have to call our mother one too!

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