the alarming similarities between an avocado and a lawyer

avocat(e): nm/f; barrister (brit), lawyer
avocat: nm; avocado (pear)
collins french dictionary and grammar, essential edition (in colour!)

both an avocado and a lawyer have thick, green skins. they each have mushy interiors and a hard centre. they work well as a spread on toast or as a tasty addition to a salad. it can also be said that when choosing either an avocado or a lawyer, they must not be too soft at the beginning or else they will not keep.

for your enjoyment, i have also compiled a list of the more interesting yogurt flavours one can find at a local french supermarket:

– pineapple
– prune
– plum
– fig
– grapefruit
– lemon
– muesli
– coconut
– rhubarb

also, in the ‘foreign foods’ aisle, you will find these foreign delicacies:

– nacho chips and salsa
– peanut butter
– pancake mix and real maple syrup (at outrageous prices!)
– soja sauce
– fluff

um… the end.


2 thoughts on “the alarming similarities between an avocado and a lawyer

  1. um. I'm pretty sure you have a very wonderful cousin who happens to be a lawyer. and I don't think he has green skin…but other than that, I like your list.a makes me want to say, (with gusto now, people!) : supedita!

  2. O.K. so they have fluff in France. Perhaps I may have to visit. I have been craving a fluffer nutter sandwich for a few weeks. Either the stores don't have it or I'm looking in the wrong aisle. LoL You are impressing me so much with the blog updates. I'm having fun just reading you.

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