le french

this place is impossible to describe.

i find myself often just looking up and admiring the buildings, the architecture, the old trees. then i look around and the waiter at the pizza restaurant who’s alleyway patio i am sitting at is looking up, and then he looks at me like, “what are you looking at?” perhaps it’s my verre du vin rouge, or perhaps it’s a bit of sadness at wishing i could share this with a friend, but i smile back at him and fight a few tears. it’s an absolutely gorgeous evening in aix-en-provence though, and i manage to compose myself with the realization of how extremely blessed i am to be able to be here, experiencing this place.

i ordered my entire meal in french, and i also asked to take the unfinished pizza (it was huge! pizza de trois fromage pour une personne! yeah right!) home with me. the waiter did speak english, but i pressed through and only spoke french. unfortunately this is the easy stuff. school will not be as forgiving…

my fridge now smells like stinky french cheese. i can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing yet.

one of the first things i thought when i walked around here my first day was, “i’m so glad i bought TWO pairs of skinny jeans instead of just one…” and also, “is EVERYONE here really attractive? that is so not fair!” call me shallow, but seriously. there’s something about the french… they have an air, and aura, demanding respect. sure they’re prideful, and no, they’re not exceptionally friendly to new comers, but they sure know what they’re doing. and they have a history way older than canada to back them up. here i was before i left making sure i was stocked up on my favourite moisturizer by la roche posay. i should have known not to bother as of course it’s from france and of course they only sell their own products in the stores here. i bet if i asked where a walmart was they’d kick me out of the country…

anyways, it’s late and i’m really trying to get over this jet-lag. my good friends julia and david from sweden arrived in marseille tonight and i will be meeting up with them tomorrow. they’re here for a week! a blog update once-a-day will probably not be the norm once i get into life a bit more here, so enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

à la prochaine!


3 thoughts on “le french

  1. I'm so glad you blogged. I'm sure you'll settle in in no time. They may be not too friendly to "outsiders" but they'll get to know you and love you as we all do. Take care and enjoy the experiences to the fullest. Love you.xoxo

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