more point form notes

– free print editions of the international herald tribune at CDG airport! score! that’s for you erik.
– there’s a girl about my age sitting in my window seat!! what is the deal!? i don’t bother telling her, the flight is only an hour.
– i wish i even had a chance to look as good as AirFrance flight attendants in pencil skirts and suit jackets. i hear their uniforms were designed by louis vuitton…
– boy at aix-marseille airport holding a sign with my name on it. this is a good thing.
– he speaks english! score!
– he smells like body odour. no score. should i be getting used to that?
– ‘rémy’ is very nice, very helpful, and has a very laissez-faire attitude (fitting?). he also has a blanket for me, cutlery and dishes, my first meal stipend cheque, cookies, an apple, a bottle of evian (obviously), and some kind of sweet individually packaged treat. (**see below). off to a good start…
– takes two hours to get my room key as the lady working the counter is a bit ornery for having to be there after office hours. thank you rémy for translating for me. rémy has learned the word ‘obnoxious’ from me talking about ofst on the flight, and he is using it frequently. fortunately i do get a key, and do get up to my room.
– fourth floor. no elevator.
– my room is miniscule, but i have my own bathroom!! and a minifridge!!
– less than an hour later, my minifridge is now stocked with: heineken, goat’s cheese, juice and yogurt. full grocery run tomorrow.
– i will NEVER be able to drive here. i’m already dizzy.
– unpack, have a beer, and fall asleep.
– first morning in france is spent sleeping. whoops, forgot about jet lag. and a large lack of sleep in the past 24 hours.
– 3pm finally decide to go explore.
– centre-ville, the main part of town (look up “cours mirabeau” if you want to know where i mean) is only a 15min walk or so. and it’s a nice walk. and town is absolutely beautiful. totally packed with people, but beautiful. pictures will follow eventually, but i should probably take some first.
– i wandered around mostly aimlessly, and eventually found out where to buy an internet cable for my room, which i promptly purchased and then decided to go find something to eat.
– passed the bus-pass purchase line, it was huge. will try tomorrow.
– hearing myself speak french sounds foreign to me. the problem is that my accent is actually pretty good, so when i say “bonjour, je voudrais acheter un cable pour l’internet,” i sound like i might actually speak french, which i pretty much don’t, and they then go off in a stream of french explanation, and i then have to tell them that, in fact, i don’t speak french very well. this is often followed by, “oh well i speak english too,” which is exceptionally helpful.
– i find a nice sidewalk cafe/restaurant and sit down to order. i get a perrier. they serve it with a lemon wheel AND a muddler! i’m never leaving!
– no one is eating food. there are at least 40 tables in this place and it’s full and no one has food on their table. do they serve food here? it’s on the menu….. i’m too tired and overwhelmed to ask so i decide to just go home.
– get home. forgot my internet cable at the restaurant. curse, in english and french. (putain! merde!) and decide to walk back into town. it was still there, thank goodness, and now i guess i may as well get groceries.
– contrary to what you might think about french food, i am still a university student. my dinner tonight consisted of chips, pickles, a cookie, and fruit juice out of the carton. oh and a beer. **oh and i got given what i thought was a twinkie, and which at first taste tasted like a twinkie, but was actually filled with some kind of apricot filling rather than icing. still not sure how i feel about that…
– don’t worry though, once i get me a baquette (what?! i don’t have one yet?! i know) i will be eating that with some goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, which here you can pick up at your local corner store. ahhhh. leah? jealous?
– tomorrow my mission is to have my first cafe au lait, pastry, and wine. then i will be truly initiated. it’s a rough life…


7 thoughts on “more point form notes

  1. Whilst reading, I feel as if I can hear your voice in your stream of consciousness. Keep those thoughts coming, they make me laugh. I love you and France. I love you in France. I would also love myself with you in France, I'm pretty sure.

  2. bobby!we FINALLy got us some internets, so I just read your posts today (boo)! Bran(don) has been trying for … all day… to get it set up. He leaves, it takes me 10 minutes. That means I'm the best.AND YOU'RE THE BEST! You are SO ADVENTUROUS! AND BRAVE!I love your goat cheese.and I love YOUUUUU.lots.write more soon! PS. (I, too, will add photos once they are taken. Still unpacking. House is chaotic. But not as chaotic as before WONDERFUL Jo-Anne got here yesterday.) pps. funny word verification of the day: "dismo"

  3. Fail. How did I NOT catch my shoutout at the end there? I blame it on attempting to electronically absorb your Parisian (as in Joel???) experience while talking to students at work. Just to confirm, I am, in fact, jealous. However, I feel that I wear it well. Miss you. Already. Are we in a hetero-sexual, co-dependent, bi-continental relationship? Or am I just curiously addicted to hyphens?

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