mental notes from a day of travelling

– i told myself last time i wouldn’t travel with so much stuff. when will i learn.
– the best kind of people watching is at an airport
– a 1/2 litre bottle of perrier costs $3.75?!?! why did i just buy that?!
– nothing like being last minute and putting your cell phone on vacation leave while they’re announcing your flight for boarding…
– obnoxious french-speaking toddler (ofst) is asking me to switch seats so he can have the window. pretend you don’t understand french. hmmm surprisingly easy… not a good sign.
– ofst does not seem to know the difference between a jungle gym and a complete stranger on a plane. probably doesn’t help that i’m not speaking. his father also doesn’t not seem to understand the difference. this is not going to be fun.
– ofst finally falls asleep! i can handle a few nudges and kicks from him provided he’s not still demanding my window seat.
– should have ordered the pasta and chicken instead of the pasta and ‘cheese.’
– scratch that, should not have bothered eating the food at all.
– i hate sleeping on planes.
– it’s raining in paris, that’s sort of gloomy.
– oh, the terminal i have arrived in is halfway across the country from the terminal i need to be at for my next flight.
– oh, i can’t use my luggage cart for much of my walk to the shuttle.
– oh, i look like a walking piece of luggage struggling to live.
– oh, thank you (merci! merci beaucoup! merci merci!!) nice french gentlemen for helping me carry a few bags up the escalator.
– finally, internet! oh, it’s not free. oh well.
– must find a café au lait and a croissant….


2 thoughts on “mental notes from a day of travelling

  1. you are a genius. a walking piece of luggage struggling to stay alive – i lol'ed. i cant actually believe that you are on the other side of the world, in europe none the less. i am jealous, sad, and excited for you all at the same time. i hope i can expect updates like this on a regular basis.. lets get politics is wickeder back on track too. im sorry to keep saying this, but i miss you. gosh, i must sound gayer than a tree full of you!

  2. frick, robyn, you are hilarious. i am also laughing out loud. rachel is probably wondering what's so funny… and it's you!!!!i LOVE you! and love that you already posted on your blog! now for pictures!

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