i leave tomorrow. enough said?

i feel, shockingly, alright, but underneath this ostensibly cavalier appearance, i feel like i hear a time bomb ticking.

i’ve said nearly all my goodbyes, my packing is just about finished, and i’m tying up loose ends. all this and only a few tears. however, as i’ve recently discovered, i handle goodbyes with a certain kind of numbness. the realization of leaving people i love hits me after the fact, and often progressively worsens. let us hope my distractions upon arrival are abundant…

i love my friends. they are the best.
i hate packing. it is the worst!
i’m tired and hungry, i already miss you, and somewhere under everything else, i’m a little bit excited.
also, it’s freezing here and i may or may not be going to the mediterranean where it’s been 30 degrees and sunny nearly all summer long.

here’s to adventure!


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