11 days…

well it’s about time to post again i should think. the 31st draws ever nearer and the lasts of things are beginning. like, the last time i’ll see so-and-so, or my last day at meridian, or the last time i’ll listen to a french podcast and feel like i have no idea what i’m getting myself into. i am going through the motions of leaving and getting all the preparations done, but i have yet to actually register in my mind the reality of what is happening. it is entirely possible that it won’t sink in until i’m in the plane on the tarmac figuring out what music i want to listen to for the next 8 hours… at which point i anticipate that i may start hyperventilating.

my last day at meridian was strange but so nice. strange just to be leaving a place that has become so familiar and stable in my life over the past two years. they had a lunch for me (a “french” lunch), and gave me a card with some euros in it, and had all of their notes to me translated into french using google translate…. needlesstosay, it was pretty funny. and when i left they gave me flowers. i mean, i am totally spoiled.

laura’s wedding was on the 7th, and it was such a fun day. us girls (jacq, kait and i) got up bright and early, headed to laur’s, picked her up and went to get her wedding cake. then we proceeded to the hall to help set up. hair and makeup were really fun and everyone looked awesome. that took us right up until a couple of the groomsmen came to pick us up for photos, which were done at the experimental research station in vineland. that was also really fun, aside from the soft ground which our heels kept sinking into (read: hilarious). the ceremony was at a presbyterian church in downtown hamilton and it was beautiful. laur looked gorgeous and everything went without a hitch. it was, however, a long, warm time of standing in three inch heels. i changed out of them for the reception. and yes, the reception was really nice, it was a dessert reception (laur and her mom made everything, and her dad made all the wine. it was incredible) and just a really good time. maybe i’ll put a couple photos up later.

so i have an address and a phone number for france. i will also be on skype, facebook, and email of course. email me or comment if you’d like either my address or phone number or both. i won’t know my exact room number until i arrive, but i have the address of the building i’ll be living in for the next ten months. and don’t worry, both mastercard and visa are aware that i’ll be in france for ten months (what a hassle! i suppose i should be glad that they’re protecting me from having all my money stolen though. “all my money”….ha!) now i just have to figure out how on earth to pack everything so that i don’t go over my allowance and have to pay $15/kg for an extra bag. grrrrrrrrr airlines!!!

that’s all for now. i have too many things to do today, starting with eating something, and a blog update wasn’t even on the list!


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