a mix of things

that is a pretty accurate title for what is going on with me right now. a mix of things.

it’s july 1. which, aside from being slightly bizarre, is also terrifying, exciting, fun and much awaited-for all at once. bizarre because, holy crap, when did june happen? terrifying, because i will be in france in TWO months, to the day. exciting because i will be in france in TWO months, to the day. fun because i love summer and good things are happening. and much awaited-for because brier and bran are here, shawn gets here soon, and brandon gets here THIS MONTH!

i am also frustrated, because visa applications are convoluted and lengthy and annoying! plus, contacting anyone via email is almost certain to be a slow process. factor in another language, and it’s just…. yikes. today i uploaded my highschool diploma online. i am already accepted into the program, people!! why do you need all this now?! frustrated, because health insurance is expensive, and i already HAVE health insurance, but i have to purchase MORE because them’s the rules! frustrated, because flights are expensive, but not really the flight itself – does anyone realize how incredibly SMALL of an amount 20kilos is to travel to france for a year with!?!? or how expensive extra bags are??? urg. my patience, and my self-control, are being severely tested.

it should be noted that i don’t have a day off until two weeks from now (not a single day).

i like to be organized. i am often last-minute, but i hate being so. i like preparedness, and tidyness. streamlined, efficient (side note: this is why i love my mac). what ‘right now’ means is that i am being deprived of all those things as i work through the red-tape of applications and paperwork and prep-work. BUT it will all be worth it, right?

i need a vacation.


One thought on “a mix of things

  1. as crazy as it seems now…suddenly you'll be in France and wonder what all the stressing out was about. It has been rudely made clear to me that we can fuss and fret all we want and in the end things will happen when they will, and usually they work out better than we think or could hope for. Try and enjoy the trip as well as the arrival. Love you.

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