49 days…

i was informed today of an article in the new york times travel section that, bien sûr, i must read. and indeed, the title is: “36 hours in aix-en-provence.” you can find and read it here: http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/07/12/travel/12hours.html?hpw and you will certainly reconsider your decision not to visit me (or solidify your decision TO visit me). anyways, the point is, i’m starting to get excited.


a mix of things

that is a pretty accurate title for what is going on with me right now. a mix of things.

it’s july 1. which, aside from being slightly bizarre, is also terrifying, exciting, fun and much awaited-for all at once. bizarre because, holy crap, when did june happen? terrifying, because i will be in france in TWO months, to the day. exciting because i will be in france in TWO months, to the day. fun because i love summer and good things are happening. and much awaited-for because brier and bran are here, shawn gets here soon, and brandon gets here THIS MONTH!

i am also frustrated, because visa applications are convoluted and lengthy and annoying! plus, contacting anyone via email is almost certain to be a slow process. factor in another language, and it’s just…. yikes. today i uploaded my highschool diploma online. i am already accepted into the program, people!! why do you need all this now?! frustrated, because health insurance is expensive, and i already HAVE health insurance, but i have to purchase MORE because them’s the rules! frustrated, because flights are expensive, but not really the flight itself – does anyone realize how incredibly SMALL of an amount 20kilos is to travel to france for a year with!?!? or how expensive extra bags are??? urg. my patience, and my self-control, are being severely tested.

it should be noted that i don’t have a day off until two weeks from now (not a single day).

i like to be organized. i am often last-minute, but i hate being so. i like preparedness, and tidyness. streamlined, efficient (side note: this is why i love my mac). what ‘right now’ means is that i am being deprived of all those things as i work through the red-tape of applications and paperwork and prep-work. BUT it will all be worth it, right?

i need a vacation.