overdue and coming due

so school has been finished for some time now, and i haven’t posted since…well over a month ago. one month… it doesn’t seem that long but boy has the time ever felt like it’s gone fast. suddenly it’s nearly june, and there are (approximately) less than 90 days until i leave for france. that’s three months people! three times thirty days!


and i still have so, so much to do before i go. and so much to pay for…. eesh. ah well, experience of a lifetime, right? or… c’est la vie? i’ve been thinking of ways to make some extra money. i currently have two part-time jobs, one of which will be giving me nearly full-time hours in july (the bank), plus i’ve been working on the farm when i have a nice day off, and might also be helping my aunt joyce up at smith’s water in the evenings when they get busy. i feel pretty blessed to have even my two jobs, let alone these other opportunities. my new pt job is at ravine winery, i work in the tasting room. they’re a new winery in NOTL (st. david’s), and are in a partnership with anna and michael olson’s deli/bakery, called “olson foods at ravine.” i love the job, it’s a lot of fun, and the wine is fabulous. anna knows me by name, which is pretty cool (celebrity chef you know!), and it’s a really good crew of people to work with. you should stop by one day for lunch, sit on the wrap-around deck at the mismatched antique tables and chairs, in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard on the st. david’s bench. it really is a treat.

i still need some more fundraising ideas though. any ideas? i might have a garage sale, sell a bunch of my stuff that i know i won’t take with me and won’t need when i come back. when i start to take an inventory of everything i have, i realize how much i could do without. and probably in truth it’s less than i think. but do i get rid of it? will i regret it? my books, my dvds… clothes i haven’t worn in ages… i don’t know. anyway, my friend from work said i could have it at her place, since she’s right on king st., near the flea market in the jordan hollow. i also may put on a concert, closer to when i leave. but that (as i know from past experience) takes a lot of time and effort, which i may not have enough of by then. we’ll see.

in case you care, my exams went extremely well, and i did very well overall in my courses. so that’s nice, really makes all that hard work (and long nights) feel worth it. hopefully that will translate into more scholarship money for me! yipee! now i have to research courses in france and get approval on them from my brock advisor. more navigating of confusing, convoluted, and non-english websites, joy! guess i had better get used to it.

i am playing on an ultimate frisbee league this summer! my team is called “the amateurs.” we had our second game this week. it’s super fun. i’m really out of shape, but it doesn’t matter. today i think i had a target painted on my face, for i almost got smoked in the head with the frisbee at least six times. no serious injuries, but i should mention that the biggest guy (i should say “densest” instead, as he’s not overweight or anything) on our team (and possibly the league) and i collided with each other while trying to catch the disc in the endzone, and we both ended up on the ground. i did manage to catch the disc and score a goal – and survive – so it was a pretty great play. plus, we smoked the other team, so we’re 2-0 right now. pff, the amateurs. just a name to psyche out the other teams.

not much else going on besides that. i’m counting down the days first until the minors arrive, and then until brando returns home. we’re stealing him away immediately to go to the cottage for a week. all of us together again, at last. and then laura gets married in august! (and jacq in october!) when you look at it all this way, it really doesn’t seem like much time, does it…

well that’s all for now. i had a craving to watch lord of the rings again, so i’m going to go finish the one i fell asleep to last night (so much for my summer reading list…). until next time, then.


5 thoughts on “overdue and coming due

  1. my widget indicates that today there remains 56 days until i see you. which also means that we have roughly only 30 days together before you leave, but c’est la vie pour nous. anyway, how excited are we?!

  2. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!and, GAH ROBYN, Anna Olsen???!?? Fresh With Anna Olsen is pretty much my favourite Food Network show! I TOTALLY made her sesame snaps recipe just the OTHER DAY!!!crazy.see. some people get all excited over Brad Pitt. I, however, get excited over celebrity chefs.ps. i wrote this comment before finishing reading the rest of your post. I might have to comment again after finishing. who knows?

  3. okay. here’s my other comment, JUST AS I PREDICTED!as per your target practice/frisbee game-I steer VERY clear from frisbees for JUST THAT REASON–my (totally justified) fear of being hit in the mouth with a flying frisbee. Weird.interesting word verification of the day:phicabla

  4. I knew you’d do well in the courses at school. I just wanted you to update the blog and verify that for me. Thanks. I agree with Brier. Frisbee mouth is a phobia for me too. The countdown is on for all of us. Finally, all the Thiessens in the same town for at least a little while. Looking forward to it. Love to you all.

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