i am SO ready for this semester to be over! summer cannot come soon enough. i love school, but, this semester has taken its toll on me. plus, i’d really love for the weather to be nice.

in unrelated news (although, it was part of my procrastination technique today so perhaps not entirely unrelated), i downloaded a wicked new ringtone for my cell – a cricket chirping! it’s so cool. but, as a friend of mine pointed out, “if you’re sitting at a campfire in the summer or something, how will you know that your phone is ringing??” still, it’s neat. clearly though my life is pretty dry if this was the most exciting part of my day. this is probably true, given that i’ve been sitting in the same spot since 10am writing a take home exam that may just claim my last heart-beat before i’m through with it. sometimes i wish i was a vampire….

on that note, i’m going to get back to it. wish me luck!