i know it’s practically almost spring (maybe i’m jumping the gun, but i can hope, right?) and i’ve nearly skipped a season of updates, but i didn’t even think anyone would care until aunt bev informed me that she was not going to check my blog again until i updated it (although, how will she know if she doesn’t check?). so i concede, here i am, updating. belatedly, but, there you have it.

in case you didn’t know, i have been updating another blog more regularly – my other blog. it’s a political rant blog co-written by myself and my friend erik from brock who is also in political science. you can find it at:, and i hope you’re not offended by cursing because erik tends to do that sometimes. i think we’re pretty funny on occasion though, so i hope you do stop by there from time to time.

in a nutshell, since my last posting (in november? yikes), i have completed – rather successfully – another semester; spent two weeks in florida over christmas with mom, dad, brier, shawn and branwyn (and aunt joyce, uncle wilf, and grandma) which was SO much fun; applied/got accepted to do an exchange in france next year; and turned 23. oh – that last one actually just happened today. i am currently in the eye of the storm of assignments/papers/presentations/tests that plague my march-es throughout my university career. if i actually dwelt on the amount of work i have to do, i might start hyperventilating, but i’ll leave the hyperventilating to branwyn for when she meets new (and therefore scary) people, and i’ll instead try to remain calm. speaking of! brier and branwyn are here right now, and have been since last sunday, visiting. it’s been awesome! i love my little niece and she is just ridiculously adorable and so much fun. here is a photo of us (and if you want to see more, just visit brier’s blog!):

isn’t she so cute? yes yes, i know, she is.

other than that, i’ve been having the same winter as everyone else in the niagara region. very cold, record snowfall, and tonnes of shoveling. i’ve been living at home by myself most of the time while mom and dad have been in either africa or florida since november. guess i better get used to living on my own, as i will be all of next year. oh and consider this an open invitation to come visit me in france while i’m there next year. i’ll keep you posted on what school i end up getting in to (fingers crossed for the south of france! if you’re bored, check out aix-en-provence or grenoble on for a sneak preview of my top two location picks).

in other news… my very good friends jacqueline and laura both got engaged to their boyfriends, and i am in both of their wedding parties which is very exciting! except i will be in france for jacq’s wedding so here’s hoping i can find a really cheap flight to come in for the weekend…. (lifestyles of the rich and famous…). my friend tina also got married in january and we all had a good time at her after-wedding reception when she got back from the dominican republic (where she got married). here’s a photo:

so all of that, combined with people i went to highschool with – some who are younger than me – having babies, and then my birthday today, makes me feel kind of old. or, not old, but… grown up. here’s hoping i can buck that trend (growing up, that is)!

so there you have it. not a lot of pictures, i know. maybe i’ll add some later. but consider yourself updated. and don’t expect to see me in the next few weeks as i will likely have to cut myself off from society in order to get everything i need to get done, done. sigh. the life of a student…


One thought on “er…winter…insanity?

  1. o.k. I confess. I had to check to find out. You can’t help growing older but you don’t have to get old. I find that cocoa puffs and cartoons help keep you young. Oh.and behaving in a very mature way (not) confuses people so they can’t even guess how old you are!!! That’s my motto and I’m sticking with it.

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