fall madness!

i didn’t want to post another update because that would move the photos of branwyn down the page and she’s just too cute to do that… but i guess you can always check out the most recent photos of her on brier and shawn’s blog so maybe it’s time for me to post something.

i am currently procrastinating from writing two rather large research papers for my human rights class and my international relations class. they are both due thursday, and i am halfway through one of them. that leaves quite a bit of work to do yet, and likely a number of late nights, but it’s only like this about once a semester for me so mostly i just have to suck it up. the photo at the top has been the scene of the kitchen table for the past three days now. i think i sat in the same chair yesterday for six hours. with mom and dad being in africa visiting brandon, the house has been pretty quiet and i’ve been able to sprawl everything out. and play guitar at midnight to give myself a break from writing. on that note, however, i managed to get a blister on my thumb from strumming last night, and it’s not making typing all that comfortable, which is unfortunate since i still have so much typing left to do… needlesstosay, once this week is over, i’m almost entirely clear until exams! and then florida for christmas!! i can hardly wait… and i can hardly believe we’re already thinking about christmas… it seems like just yesterday it was hallowe’en. speaking of……….

wayne and garth! er…. heather and robyn?

hallowe’en this year was a blast. it always is, but this year, clearly, heather and i had fantastic costumes. so fantastic, in fact, that we won “best female costume” at the annual halloween barn party. not sure of the numbers, but there had to have been nearly 200 people there throughout the night… the decorating was phenomenal (black light/neon-themed) and the band/dj/dancing was so fun. always a good party; this year was exceptional. and the costumes! check out the website (by clicking on halloween barn party above) and from there you can go to the photos section. goodtimes. and, for a cause! proceeds were sent, for the second year now, to brandon in africa, where he finds a worthwhile use for them.

this year at school i ran for one of two political science department student rep positions for my year. you get nominated, then the students of your year vote, and two people get selected to sit in on departmental meetings and be the voice of the students in their program/year. well, after the vote there was a three-way tie between me and two other nominees, so there was a revote, reminiscent of florida in 2000. in the end, after a false-alarm scandal, i lost by one vote to another guy. i’m over it, but it would have been fun to get the position. speaking of voting… really exciting stuff in the states on november 4th. pretty cool to have been there for it. and by there, i really mean watching the festivities on tv all night long. here‘s a fun link.

and let’s not forget, today, the end of WWI 90 years ago, and all those who fought, then, and who are fighting now. my opinions on war are mixed, but that does not negate the sacrifices made, and being made even now. one thing i do know is that if we do not remember, we are in more danger of repeating history. lest we forget…

well, it’s probably about time to get back to writing these papers. sigh.


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