babies, classes, guitars.

i don’t have adventures here in the niagara region quite as exciting as gorillas and volcanoes in the congo or having babies in saskatchewan, but i have to try and keep up with my ever-increasingly cool siblings somehow. my more and more infrequent posts here on blogspot will have to suffice for the time being.

school, year 2, has officially started. i was definitely ready to start after a summer of working two jobs and having the majority of my friends away working at camps and wherever else. (i should interject here and say that the summer wasn’t all work and no friends. i had many good trips to toronto to hear newworldson with friends, discovered some fantastic restaurants here and abroad, and spent a week plus two weekends up north at various cottages. no complaints here!) the atmosphere in the early fall at university is so… enthralling. i don’t know quite how to describe it. it’s a feeling of almost endless opportunity. i always feel so optimistic and motivated at this time of year. this extended summer weather has put off the crunching leaves and smell of drying foliage, but it is no less wonderful to walk down warm pathways to classes that i look forward to, with people i actually know in them from last year, whom i can correctly refer to now as friends. the prospect of long papers and lots of french grammar homework have yet to tarnish this idealistic image, but i imagine that will change. especially as the weather does actually start to cool off (which i am definitely not looking foward to…) this is why i decided to spend the extra cash and get a zone 1 parking pass, limiting my cold walk to and from my car!
there isn’t a whole lot yet to say about school, except that rick mercer and belinda stronach were here last week launching their “spread the net” campaign, (hence the photo. just proving my story. rick mercer actually IS quite short, tv doesn’t lie) which sends insecticide-treated bednets to families in africa to combat malaria. a good cause, and some great advocates. i am also beginning the process of setting up a year of study abroad for next year, which i hope will take me over to france for the 09/10 school year. very exciting!

the most exciting news of today is that brier and shawn may become parents today, which also means that i may become an aunt today! as far as i know up to this moment, brier went in at 8am her time to start the process of inducement, and today could be the day it all goes down. over there in meadow lake, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. boy? girl? we shall soon know, which i am partly looking forward to for the reason of buying gender-specific baby clothes!! and for the more obvious reasons, obviously! but really, buying mini-clothes for a niece or nephew is way more fun than buying clothes for oneself!

OH i almost forgot, i bought a guitar! i’ve been taking lessons from joe orlando since may, and i’d been playing on borrowed guitars for the past two years, so i thought it was time i used my hard-earned money to buy one for myself. it’s quite pretty. it’s a simon and patrick acoustic, spruce and cherry wood, and has pickup. i’m quite taken by it (ha), and it sounds beautiful. i broke my first string the other day, inaugurating the guitar into my official possession, and have already been asked to lead worship at church. so, here goes!

not much else of interest at the moment. mostly i’m justing waiting for my cell phone to ring and find out that brier is in labour. and i have to get to class too. so, that’s it for now folks. happy fall!


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