breathing fresh air

aunt betty, amongst others, tells me that i don’t update my blog often enough. this came about after we were telling brandon he’s not very good at updating his blog (which, thankfully, he claims he will be better at this time around in burundi). the problem is that i don’t really have much interesting going on, and really, who’s to say that my life is worth writing about over anyone who doesn’t have a blog’s life? i mean, who cares? but apparently some people do care, and so, when i feel inspired, i will concede. it does feel nice to be cared about, after all! 🙂

brando, hanging out on the niagara escarpment

since school has finished i thought things would slow down a little. in fact, they haven’t. but it has been a good busy, and a really good time for me. brandon arrived safe and sound, and although he and cassien were quite busy much of the time they were here, brandon and i did get to spend some time together and he got to spend time with friends and family and even relax a little, i think. it was so good to see him. i think i will be able to remember what he looks like and what his voice sounds like for the next year and a half, or however long it is until i get out to burundi (here’s hoping for next summer!!). i’ve picked up more hours working at the credit union, and, as alluded to in a former post, i did get that serving job i mentioned, at “about thyme bistro,” in vineland. i’ve only had two shifts, and i love it already. the food is fantastic, it’s a great atmosphere, and i anticipate learning a lot of about food and wine while i’m there (and hopefully make some tips to subsidize my income). please come in for lunch or dinner, i promise it’ll be worth it! (we’re open wed. to sat. lunch and dinner, and sun. dinner).

on saturday i attended (and also emceed) my good friends eric and danie’s wedding. it was a really great time. here is a photo or two:

wedding party (photo cred: rob nowell)

playing operation (photo cred: rob nowell)
explaining the kissing game (photo cred: rob nowell)
the happy couple!

lately, with a bit of time to breath and think about things other than my next paper due, i’ve been able to keep up with world events a little better. i know i’m a polisci major, but with only one year under my belt i claim no special understanding of global politics, although i do find everything political much more interesting and diverting than i used to. but the situation in east-asia–the cyclone in burma and the earthquake in china–is just heartbreaking. i sit here, appalled at the burmese junta’s response, and at the sheer amount of fatalities for both catastrophes, and wonder what can be done. perhaps nothing on my or our part, except prayer. it’s not likely that i will be able to jump on a plane and get out there to help rebuild or distribute supplies (and in burma i wouldn’t be allowed to anyway), but really, my heart actually breaks when i read the articles. i wonder what good it does, then, to be aware? compassion is always a good thing, but in my situation it’s not doing the victims any good. i was talking with a friend today who hadn’t even heard about the earthquake, and it likely didn’t make much of a difference to her when i told her about it. i don’t have any answers, and i’m not even quite sure what i’m trying to say, except that i can hardly contain my desire to DO something about it. i know i can’t control natural disasters, but surely something can be done about governments that can’t or won’t even help save and protect their own citizens?! do i have to wait until i’ve got my degree before i can even start thinking about getting “in there” and trying to change the world? am i hopelessly idealistic? perhaps…

well with all that being said (as i sit here drinking my over-priced, large-coffee-chain beverage, typing on my expensive laptop in the comfort that i know to be my privileged first-world life), i am off to continue enjoying my privileged life while pondering the complexities and disparities of the world. what to do, what to do….


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