well my first year of university has almost come to its conclusion. exams start in two days, end on the 23rd (annoying, i know), and then it is freedom for me!! i cannot believe how fast the year has gone by; somehow the speed of time always catches me off-guard. this summer i plan on doing a lot of reading in the hammock, which isn’t really a new resolution. i’ll be working at the credit union, and perhaps part-time waitressing somewhere, but i haven’t heard back from the place i applied yet. the most exciting and recent news is that brandon is coming home!!!! i haven’t seen him in almost two and a half years, so i am more than excited. it’s only too bad i’ve got three exams in three days right when he arrives. mais, c’est la vie!

i have learned a lot this year, and not just academically, although very much has been learned in my classes (not the least of that being: i love political science, but do NOT want to be a politician…). the biggest thing i am still learning is that i cannot do this on my own strength, no matter how hard i try. somehow my human nature tries and tries to take control back from God and make my own path the way i think it should go. it is a lesson i perpetually relearn that this is a futile option, and the consequences can be heartbreaking. there is a lot to be said about remembrance, about remembering what God has done in the past and using that as an anchor when we forget–as we most certainly do. He does always provide, and He has never let me down before, even if His provision does not come in the way I had hoped or anticipated. indeed, one thing i can anticipate is that the ways of the Lord are mysterious….

and so, as a new day rises and this fantastic weather brings out the best in people, i look forward to another season, and of course respite from writing papers. hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. after a winter like we just had, weather like this makes me feel like anything is possible and everything’s going to be alright. maybe that’s not so far from the truth.



One thought on “optimism

  1. ah. so you did right a new one. ok, so if it’s your first year of university, does that mean you still have 3 more years to go?? are you one of those life long students in the making. =)

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