rip domino

domino was a great cat. the greatest kind of cat. not only did she live for a long time and catch many, many mice, but she made countless other families happy with her offspring. i found her this morning laying motionless on the garage floor. i knew she was dead because it was freezing outside and she would never lie there in this kind of weather. it was sad. she really was a long-time companion of the thiessen family, and the rest of the inhabitants of cherry avenue, for that matter. i expect the mouse population to skyrocket this summer…


reading week and beyond

see here for a more detailed description.

the smaller stack of papers and books on the right side of this photo were all things i had hoped to get through, at least in part, over the reading week break. on the whole, this was not accomplished. (and yes, the majority of all the books in this photo have been purchased for school) somehow the week passed me by and all the things i intentioned to do just, didn’t get done. which is why i locked myself inside yesterday and did homework all day. to be more truthful, i’m halfway through two of the books in the stack and i’ve read all of the printed articles there as well. so i’m not completely lost. but seriously. today marks the threshold of the time of craziness. my first essay of four is due tomorrow, and i won’t even bore you with the other things i have to do. all in all the break was great and much needed. and i was able to celebrate my birthday before today since being in school until 9 tonight isn’t all that conducive to a birthday.

in other news, brier’s pregnant! woooo!!! which means, as i’m sure you know, that i am going to be an aunt! and that, my friends, is much more exciting than anything else i could possibly write about so i’m just going to leave this here and try to get some work done. cheers!!

snow storm two

snow storm number two; i survived again. phew. it was a close one, i must say. but this time the temperature was higher and the winds non-existent. that does a number of things, not the least of them being that cherry avenue was turned into a white and intoxicatingly beautiful wonderland for awhile. it’s weather like that that helps me appreciate winter. (for a couple days, at least. then i go back to grumbling…) even shoveling wasn’t so bad when it looks that cool. i walked up the street, it was about 10pm…. silence. no cars, no people, no dogs barking. crisp coldness, knee deep snow and this insulated muffled feeling aided by tree branches drooping low with the weight of the snow. but i digress. check out the photos, there are more on flickr. they’re okay, i wasn’t trying very hard and my camera battery was complaining with the cold.

school is in full swing again. i’m looking ahead to march with much foreboding…everything is due that month. but i still really love it. (a good sign, methinks) my new class, which is taking the place of my wines class from last semester (i was sad to see that one finish), is canada and the global community. it’s very interesting, i really like it. despite the fact that two research papers due around the same time for my two polisci courses is a big deal of work, i’m looking forward to writing them. (weird!) in other news, i was in a small play recently. well, more like a scene. it was for a 4th year drama student’s project called “justified scenes.” my cousin kahlin is in the class and told me i should audition, i did, and one of the girls in the class cast me. for the project, they’re given two separate sets of movements for two characters, and they have to write a script around the movements that makes them make sense. she decided to do this over-the-top dramatic soap-opera parody type comedy. it was actually hilarious and so much fun. the audience was roaring and i had a great time. it reminded me how much i love acting… not sure if that’s for better or worse!

well it’s about time to get to class. i think i’ve wasted enough time and money at the starbucks here at school for one day. until next time then.