with love, from florida

well, pelicans are certainly not the most graceful birds, plunging haphazardly headfirst into the water, filling their beaks with schools of saltwater minnows and ruffling the water out of their wings, but they definitely are interesting to watch. then there are the sandpipers, bobbing their heads to an unheard rhythm, splaying the sand with their beak in search of little bugs to eat. there are also the seagulls, annoying and persistent, but also humorous, nestling into deep footprints to snooze and declaring themselves kings as they sit on top of children’s left-behind sandcastles. there are always things to amuse oneself with at the beach, even if it’s just with satisfactorily mulling over the fact that i am AT a beach, swimming IN the ocean, and getting covered with sand! (i also happened to have a good book, but that’s besides the point)

the other night, we went to hurricane alley, a raw seafood bar and restaurant, and had raw oysters. mom and dad talked them up quite a bit, and they were alright, but to be truthful, they didn’t taste like much once you put on your seafood sauce and horseradish (which was probably the hottest stuff i’ve had, and which dad managed to convince me wasn’t hot before my first bite. he got a laugh.) but they were good. this is a photo of us on the patio there.

other than the things aforementioned, i’ve been relaxing and trying to get a bit of a tan to show for my week. it’s hard to believe it’s Christmas eve tomorrow already… i guess that happens every year though. anyways, considering i’ve got wireless here at the mobile, i thought i’d post an update. hope you’re well, wherever you are.


(brandon, bri, shawn, there are more photos on flickr of mom and dad, thought you might like to see some. miss you guys.)


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