the end is nigh

i am thoroughly experiencing exams.


4 thoughts on “the end is nigh

  1. ugh the nose breathing! and sniffing! jeepers for all of our sakes couldn’t the guy have thought of kleenexes? didn’t his mother teach him anything?! how is anyone supposed to concentrate in a place like that??

  2. I think I would like that. =)But I seriously think that the world is a small place, so who knows… if I come to Ontario and you come to Vancouver, we may just bump into each other. And I think I may have “creeped” on your blog first because it had a link from your brother’s site and I was like hmmm… “norbyn”, that’s a cool name. The first thing that jumped up was your blog description under “chez moi”. I think it’s lovely. Happy studying!

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