titles, titles.

the last time i posted was week two? man. and here i am at midterms. that should be an indication of how busy i’ve been, and it would be accurate. a good busy though, and loving every minute of it, crazy or not. i may or may not have said the other day that i don’t like thursdays because it means that i won’t be at school again until monday. (but i might not have said that.) and that, to me, is proof enough that not going to university right after highschool was the best thing i could have done. going to hawaii and adopting a laid-back island-style attitude about stuff was also a good move on my part, since i don’t really feel like i’ve stressed out a single time about school so far. (perhaps that’s to my disadvantage when it comes to studying…) in any case, life’s good. i currently don’t have anymore thoughts on the matter since i should be studying anyways. i’ll just end with some photos of things that have gone on in the last month or so.

harvest time in niagara

cinematic orchestra concert–best concert ever.

kaitlin’s bachelorette party…goodtimes.

and i guess the next post and subsequent photos will be of kait and tim’s wedding! woohoo! until then, cheers


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